Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I can expect to feel a difference?
Some people start to notice a difference within a matter of days. But, since everyone’s body, needs and expectations are different, it could take a couple of weeks to experience optimal benefits.

Can I take this with other medications?
Based on extensive research, the ingredients in Omega 20 come with almost no risk of side-effects. However, because it would be nearly impossible to cross-reference our ingredients with all of today’s most commonly used medications, we would encourage you to check with your doctor or pharmacist before starting to use Omega 20.

Is Omega 20 really just one softgel per day?
YES! However, for people with above average levels of discomfort, stiffness or inflammation, we typically suggest starting with two softgels per day for the first week… then you can taper back to just one a day.

Is it ok to take Omega 20 on an empty stomach?
Absolutely. The ingredients in Omega 20 are safe, natural and come with virtually no risk of side effects, including digestive discomfort.

However, we’ve found for some people, Omega 20 works faster and more effectively with a meal.

What if Omega 20 doesn’t work for me?
In the unlikely situation that Omega 20 doesn’t deliver the results you were hoping for, no problem at all. Simply give us a call at 1-801-872-9658 or send an email to with your name and order number within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund of every penny. No questions asked.

Osteo Density

Osteo Density is a patented product for use in osteoporosis and osteopenia. Take this supplement every day and see the improvement for yourself.